What is the Lay of the Land?

by Joshua Mason Editor’s note: This essay is based on Mason’s presentation at DePaul University last October. Part II will be published next month. This is Lake Superior. This is the beginning. It is where I am absorbed. What I see is the edge. You can learn a lot by observing the space where water […] […]


  Two digital self portraits on interconnection, inspired by recent events at Depaul with Jeff VanderMeer. These images are first takes – we will work to develop the approach and more of this kind of thing shall be done in both pictorial and sculpture form. Included below is a short text that will probably be […]

Nature is like a Thicket

Walking along in the woods towards the East part of the five acres, I observe that all the vegetable beings grow thicker and thicker. The land is covered in brush, thickets, briar patches and large vines. It tears down the old crooked trees. Eventually the area turns into marshland. On occasion, now that spring is […]