Let Us Beware…

“Let us beware of saying that death is opposed to life. The living is only a form of what is dead, and a very rare form.”  – Nietzsche, The Gay Science – Book Three, excerpt from aphorism 109  

Seismic Shaking

The ungrounding is not an affirmation: it is disruption and erosion – a tectonic rupture of affirming oneself as x.1 This is because the ungrounding at its most radical is a seismic shaking of the foundations of identity. Its quality displaces all of the rhetoric of affirming x as source of pride (which so quickly […]


Can I take you to the shoreline? The cerulean water churns in front of you, always advancing and receding. The sky is above you and meets the water at the horizon. A mirroring affect ensues. You feel the landscape collide into your senses. The cool breeze on your face provides more intensity. Walking along the […]

Imagine Scales That Exceed You

“In relation to the history of organic life of earth,” writes a modern biologist, “the paltry fifty millennia of homo sapiens constitutes something like two seconds at the close of a twenty-four hour day. On this scale, the history of civilized mankind would fill one-fifth of the last second of the last hour.” The present, […]

I am Catastrophe

Shoreline Living near the coast of Lake Michigan I find myself in the liminal space where things are always changing. As an artist I go to the shoreline frequently to absorb the atmosphere. The motions, colors and layers permeate through my head. I observe the masses of concrete, rusty walls and the hovel of old […]

Slims River

So wow, river piracy recently happened. The Slims River’s water source (glacial meltwater) was cut off due to accelerated melting of the Kaskawulsh glacier, tipping the gradient in favor of the Kaskawulsh river that flows south into the Gulf of Alaska. [ I first got wind of it over on Art Bell’s website – midnight […]