ca·tas·tro·phe / kəˈtastrəfē/


an event causing great and often sudden damage or suffering; a disaster.

“a national economic catastrophe”

synonyms:     calamity, cataclysm, havoc, ruin, ruination, tragedy;

adversity, trouble, trial, tribulation

“the flood of ’82 was the worst catastrophe in the town’s history”

the denouement of a drama, especially a classical tragedy


Catastrophia (Greek) = a sudden reversal in fortune





anthropocene / interface between human technologies & nature

planetary technicity –

the collision between Western Industrial Civilization (also now with the rise of    the East) & the Biosphere results in turbulent flows introduced into the metabolic      or homeostatic currents

result = asymmetric effects

There are no longer any “natural” catastrophes since we can no longer point to a space on the earth where we can say this is ‘nature’ and this is ‘civilization’ – we have now put nature inside civilization.

Therefore it is impossible now to know how much nature is ‘doing its own thing’ and how much of this is a result of human technologies


geologic cataclysm /

earthquakes are on the rise increasing in frequency

geologic time = catastrophism writ large on the surface of the planet

oscillating through ice ages for the past few hundred thousand years



climate inertia / environment / ‘sixth mass extinction’

occurring in frequency and doubling in severity








states of emergency

domestic terrorism & the police state



geopolitical consequences

social unrest / economic collapse / population increase / resource competition



displaced populations /

the disintegration of the nation state

nation states that are no longer on the map because no longer inhabitable


“German barbarians pouring over the gates of Rome”



urban war zones

every major city in America is in degeneration

CIA drug trafficking / NAFTA CAFTA GATT & WTO

the “War on Drugs” & war against domestic populations




global catastrophe = ontological consequences that are global

cities always had walls around them but the walls came down with the                            invention of gun powder (first by the Chinese, then the Turks, then the                            Westerners)

the contemporary Cities are ‘unprotected’

lacking boundary around them

now shifting into an environmental totality (saturation of public space)


911 marks the advent of siege engines aimed at the ‘walls’ of the City

1st world & 3rd world collide

result = there is no such thing as a safe place on the planet anymore



catastrophic existentiality

struggle / adversity / illness / death

(Buddha & Christ: life is suffering)





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