Accidents on a Planetary Scale

Whenever a new technology emerges there also emerges simultaneously the consequents of its accident. The accident is tantamount to technology. Because of globalization, which is the satellization of the City into an orbital function, we have now laid the grounds for global accidents. We are no longer in a traditional Newtonian universe. Catastrophes become much […]

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One ought to be capable of seeing the truth that exists within one’s own contradictions. You turn to look at your own shadow, forcing yourself to overcome it. Nothing of money, notoriety or recognition is crucial to making good art. Quality of character alone is sufficient to become a great artist. To strive to procure […]

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Baroque Geology (The Death Allegory)

Situating the ruins in the now creates a scene where the rifting distance between culture and nature collapses. Culture as the short cycle of modern materials, their artificial cycle rapid in degeneration and violent destruction, and nature, as the body of entities and their frailty in the slime dynamics of materia, collide together like tectonic […]

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Materialization of Painting

I’ve said elsewhere that I am interested in art as the intersection between mark-making and landscape. What I have tried to do is explore that space where culture and nature slide over each other. I’ve chosen painting primarily as a medium in which to explore this terrain because for me this medium is fundamentally rooted […]

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Does Becoming Need You?

  The modern painters were all about painting as evocation: the activity of painting since modernity has been the formation of visions where the intellect is sruntinized and what is primary is the vision positioned out of the imagination.  Images are evoked out of the materials of painting by the painter’s active agency. The aim […]

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