On ‘field work’

For quite some time now I have been writing in order to flesh-out some concepts that may be attached to my work in the arts. The saying “Don’t talk painter, paint” has continually chimed in my head as I’ve attempted to formulate some thoughts, and I am not yet sure if my texts have come […]

Death Ontology

Shall it appear that the origin of representation is in its opposite? – death. Could it be that the rift between life/death is the condition of possibility for representation? Is it out of this oppositional binary that representation seems possible and comes into being? The unfolding of representation directs itself towards that general equivalence: the […]

Speculations on Anonymous Materials

  presentation by Iain Hamilton Grant – “The Speculations on Anonymous Materials symposium brings together different approaches in philosophy, which in their own way all aim to go beyond modern and postmodern thinking. The symposium is based on the following hypothesis: The fundamental technological, scientific and socio-political changes at the beginning of the 21st century […]