Handling, Glimpse, Withdrawal

I’ve been thinking of saying something a bit more direct about painting, having  often written about the medium in a more arcane way. I suppose my interests reside in content, as I tend to think that content is just as crucial as form in the contribution of what makes a good painting. Perhaps that is why […]

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Nietzsche’s Five Statements on Art

Nietzsche’s five statements on art are outlined as follows, The first statement: art is the configuration of will to power. The second statement: art is grasped in terms of the artist. The third statement: art is the basic occurrence of beings as a whole. The forth statement: art is a countermovement to nihilism. The fifth […]

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On Creative Difference

To Plato it was necessary to postulate an Other world. He splits reality into the apparent, or sensual world, and the intelligible world. The world of the intelligible is beyond sensible appearance – beyond individuals, beyond becoming, beyond sense data, beyond images or simulacra, beyond differences. The world of the intelligible is instead an eternally […]

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The Flesh

I’ve been contemplating lately the idea of the ‘Flesh’ as a tendency of material that is mineralizing, bio-ing, crystallizing, depositioning (geologic) impressions: the Flesh as a materialization of nature. An art of the Flesh is a liturgy of becoming-matter. This idea of the Flesh is opposed to “vacuous actuality” (Whitehead) and may be called by […]

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Cognitive Map

This cognitive map serves as a means of gathering together materiality, technique and theory that may pertain to my artistic endeavors. The content revolves around employed artistic materials, mythological and philsophical interests, etc., that may provide an assembly of references to my artwork, texts and ramblings. No doubt this map will be altered over the […]

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I Am Made of Catastrophes

  As both an embodied body and an abstract will I am headed towards catastrophe. Being is mortal. Death is the ultimate horizon, the condition of which being-there is no longer there. I want to be an authentic human being. It is essential to project my life onto the horizon of my death in order […]

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Where the Trees Dwell

Snow, frost on the face, the temperature is dropping. Out here you can still hear the faint sound of the machines but they are only a distant echo. Everything is muted by the atmosphere, thick and heavy. You struggle to walk through the woods. The snow is fifteen inches or more. In the fields it […]

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