Death Ontology

Shall it appear that the origin of representation is in its opposite? – death. Could it be that the rift between life/death is the condition of possibility for representation? Is it out of this oppositional binary that representation seems possible and comes into being? The unfolding of representation directs itself towards that general equivalence: the […]

Speculations on Anonymous Materials

  presentation by Iain Hamilton Grant – “The Speculations on Anonymous Materials symposium brings together different approaches in philosophy, which in their own way all aim to go beyond modern and postmodern thinking. The symposium is based on the following hypothesis: The fundamental technological, scientific and socio-political changes at the beginning of the 21st century […]

Tumultuous Shore

What can the shore can tell me about aesthetics? The question is not only as a way of sensing in the world effected by such excitation, but the excitation itself as aesthetic. A proposition: that the constantly changing and restless ground can be translated into a vision of relations of nature, for what is existing […]

Let Us Beware…

“Let us beware of saying that death is opposed to life. The living is only a form of what is dead, and a very rare form.”  – Nietzsche, The Gay Science – Book Three, excerpt from aphorism 109  


Can I take you to the shoreline? The cerulean water churns in front of you, always advancing and receding. The sky is above you and meets the water at the horizon. A mirroring affect ensues. You feel the landscape collide into your senses. The cool breeze on your face provides more intensity. Walking along the […]