Could it be that a sufficient explanation for the contingent reality of the world may be a non-contingent ground?  Or, could it be that contingency is radical and possesses an infinite regress, or a nested layer of contingency upon contingency without end? If the laws of the universe are stable and unchanging and can be […]

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Selva Oscura

When they who are so weary Are plucked at a sprig of pine They’ve the evidence unseen   The tree of the undying Imperceptible verdure Endlessly renewing life   Ode to ancient suffering That lifts me up to the Sun To renew eternal bonds   To the verdant form of sprig Golgotha’s sacrament sign Bears […]

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On Frequenting Sacred Shades

Lately I’ve been working on several paintings and an installation for an upcoming group exhibition (6/15/18 – pictures to come). I thought I would attempt to write something around my contribution. My aspiration as an artist is to express dwelling in nature. I choose to live in the countryside rather than the city. I am […]

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“World Paintings”

“The aesthetic regurgitation of geological awfulness was exactly what Karel van Mander meant when he described Pieter Bruegel the Elder as swallowing whole mountains and rocks and vomiting them up again on canvases and panels. Leonardo’s god-like shaping hand set on the awesome mountainside now became the Fleming’s gift for making mountains palatable. For while […]

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Chaos & Potential in Painting

Focusing on the substrate of painting, the geologic materiality, its relation of forces, painting can act as a conduit for all kinds of protean impulses. “Paint” as a material (which is hard to define, given its ability to encompass a variety of mixed-media) may release chaotic energies. Chaos is consistently present in the making of […]

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