Shattering the Image

“Deyr fé, deyja frændur, deyr sjálfur ið sama; en orðstír deyr aldregi hveim er sér góðan getur.” – Hávamál Death is like love, it often comes when you least expect it. Early this morning, my brother-in-law’s father passed away. I am immediately reminded of the poem from the Icelandic sagas, “Cattle die, kindred die, Every […]

Is the Body Obsolete? (On the Body, Woman & Nature)

The following is connected to my previous post Wither the Eye of the Flesh?, moving from the issue of disembodiment in metaphysics into the technological transhumanism and machine-culture, grafting each upon the other to explore nihilism’s apparent dispossession and displacement of the body. Specifically, in the case of the present post, it is the body […]

The Accident

  In the history of  art, the Accident was made subservient to an essentialist organization – for centuries, the Classical was the route towards beauty. But the varying and the irregular are more fundamental than any idealist or unchanging form: an asymmetrical multiplication,  a passionate movement where there is no rest, instead there is vitality […]