Creation as theophony, not manifested evil Grace as continuous with nature, not exception or exclusion Sin as loss of being, not legalistic transgression Atonement as assumption, not juridical satisfaction Knowledge as undeciaibility of the known and the unknown, the somewhere and the nowhere, not mutually exclusive binary of the either/or Mystic acuity as ontology, not […]

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City of Man

The code of signification and its domestication of language, of all social relations in representation, is the process of political economy. Postmodernism’s scheme of value and generalized equivalence is not limited to exchange and use, or to production, but invests in the code of signs, language, sexuality and consumption. This political economy of the sign […]

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Painting in a Different State

Some news on recent work. I’m excited about exhibiting one of my pieces in an upcoming group exhibition titled Abstract Mind 2019, at CICA Museum in South Korea. Check out for more information. The exhibition will be held March 8 to 24, 2019. The title of the work is “Painting in a Different State,” […]

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A Few Peices at SMC

  What is your idea behind this piece [Unbound]? It insinuates an unfettered or unlimited state. It is a landscape painting but a unique kind of landscape where there are only faint impressions of a ground against the dark of the night. The title insinuates absorption in a ubiquitous terrain, or into a state that […]

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The Splenic Gaze

“The allegories of bourgeois culture do not find their truth content in an image of redeemed life, but, conversely, in an image of catastrophe. “Progress as catastrophe,” [in Benjamin’s language] therefore, is the sign under which the ruins of bourgeois civilization present themselves for decipherment to the splenic gaze of the allegorist, ‘The idea of […]

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Thoughts Out of Season

The experiences of time and space, matter, stability and change are altered dramatically by the quickening – the acceleration of speed, scale, density and flow of contemporary existence. To place oneself at the site of emergent materialities in an attempt to imagine artistic methods and aesthetic experiences is quite difficult, at least if it is […]

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Selva Oscura

When they who are so weary Are plucked at a sprig of pine They’ve the evidence unseen   The tree of the undying Imperceptible verdure Endlessly renewing life   Ode to ancient suffering That lifts me up to the Sun To renew eternal bonds   To the verdant form of sprig Golgotha’s sacrament sign Bears […]

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